legendary cars Opel Blitz
Opel Blitz

Opel Blitz

German car that was designed as medium truck or commercial vehicle in 1930s and with some improvements and modifications lasted 45 years in production. The range of the available models of Blitz was quite range - from simple trucks, tow cars, pickup trucks, coaches to post vans and fire brigade vans.

Why is it legendary?

Opel Blitz had a sort-of-logo on the front grill where the words Opel and Blitz were put in the bars shaped together in Z-shape, which started the Opel logo that we know today.

But this wasn’t what made Blitz the legend. One particular model, known as Opel Blitz A was the reason - it was the simply most popular truck used by the German army during World War 2 across Europe and Africa. If you see some footage from 1940s or war movie about those time youre bound to see one - there were about 120,000 such trucks were produced until end of the war.

Also Opel was since 1929 a subsidiary company of General Motors, so in fact GM was supplying German army with trucks even though America joined Allies in 1941.




1930 - 1975

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