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Computer car games

Test Drive Unlimited


New face of Test Drive series - we can drive on the whole Oahu Island on Hawaii - take part in the different competitions, collect cars or just drive around. more...

Test Drive Unlimited  2006

The Great American Cross-Country Road Race


Road Race

1985, United States

Classic racing game that gave us the chance to take part in a cross-country race on public roads - you start in f.e. LA and as quickly as possible reach Washington or New York. more...

The Great American Cross-Country Road Race Road Race 1985

Test Drive Unlimited 2


Completely rebuilt concept of Test Drive that gave us some new options and... took away most of the fun we might have had. more...

Test Drive Unlimited 2  2011

Test Drive III: the Passion


Test Drive 3

1990, United States

Third from Test Drive series was a questionable offer - on one hand we have sport cars, on other they are completely horrible to drive. more...

Test Drive III: the Passion Test Drive 3 1990




Driver  1999


1994, United Kingdom

Take control of the car manufacturing company and build your own empire - from designing new models to finding the network to sell them around the world. more...

Detroit  1994

Driver 3





Driver 3 Driv3r 2004

Formula One

1985, United Kingdom

One of the first games that put player in charge of the Formula One team and despite the hardware limitations we could have played the whole season. more...

Formula One  1985

Formula One Grand Prix



Formula One Grand Prix  1992

Euro Truck Simulator

2008, Czech Republic


Euro Truck Simulator  2008

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