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Classic cars

Classic cars

Many cars are considered classic, but not all of them were legendary cars. What decides about becoming classic car is not only age, but also the popularity - there are old cars that are rare, but not actually classic since they never reached the pages of car magazines or TV screens.

1900s Classic cars

Ford Model T classic cars

Ford Model T

Not the best looking car, not the best construction, but Model T simply flooded the market with over 15 million built. read more

1930s Classic cars

Opel Blitz classic cars

Opel Blitz

German truck that was one of the most recognizable cars used by Wehrmacht during World War 2. read more

Volkswagen Beetle classic cars

Volkswagen Beetle

First model from Volkswagen that gave that manufacturer 60 years of domination in the compact / city cars sector. read more

1940s Classic cars

Willys Jeep classic cars

Willys Jeep

The workhorse of American army during World War 2, also used during Korean Army and even further. Durable, easy to fix and able to drive in the desert, snow and mud. read more

1950s Classic cars

Mercedes-Benz 300SL classic cars

Mercedes-Benz 300SL

German car developed as racing car, but made available for regular drivers. read more

Austin FX4 classic cars

Austin FX4

Austin FX4 - one of the unnamed heroes of our culture - the classic London Cab that for 40 years was icon of not only London, but whole England. read more

Ford Edsel classic cars

Ford Edsel

Advertised as car of the future and entirely new kind of car ceased to exist after just one year and became one of the biggest marketing flops in history. And not witout a reason. read more

1960s Classic cars

Jaguar E-Type classic cars

Jaguar E-Type

Small, agile and very fast car that started new era in British car industry. read more

Volvo P1800 classic cars

Volvo P1800

Second attempt of Volvo company to produce a sports car produced a magnificent looking car with not so magnificent performances. Still it became the icon of the 1960s. read more

Porsche 911 classic cars

Porsche 911

The pride of German car industry - sport car that unchanged survived on the market for over 50 years. read more

Ford Mustang classic cars

Ford Mustang

Legend that became the icon of the 1960s and created the unforgetable image of joyride on the straight highway in the middle of USA. read more

Dodge Charger classic cars

Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger - the car that could have compete with legendary Ford Mustang, but always was few steps behind. read more

1970s Classic cars

Dodge Challenger classic cars

Dodge Challenger

Strong competitor for Ford Mustang that missed the right time and just like Charger became just almost-best on the market. read more

Fiat 126 classic cars

Fiat 126

Italian design and Polish production - the car that for over 20 years was dream of many drivers in Eastern Europe. read more

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