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Grand Prix

1966, United States

The world of Formula One seen from the inside - literally. Cameras places on real racing cars going 100 mph. more...

Grand Prix  1966

Mad Max: Fury Road

2015, Australia

Max is captured by the War Boys and dragged into Immortan Joe’s citadel, where he will be used as a involuntary blood donor, but soon the convoy of gasoline will change the reality inside the citadel. more...

Mad Max: Fury Road  2015

Vanishing Point

1971, United States

Driver Kowalski takes up the job to deliver Dodge Challenger from Colorado to California in less than 15 hours. more...

Vanishing Point  1971


1968, United States

Film with one of the best car chase scenes in history - Ford Mustang on the tail of Dodge Charger pacing through hills of San Francisco. more...

Bullitt  1968

Smokey and the Bandit

1977, United States

The challenge - transport bootleg alcohol from Texarkana to Atlanta within 28 hours. Why else would take the challenge other than legendary trucker known as The Bandit. more...

Smokey and the Bandit  1977


1998, France

Taxi driver that broke every rule there is reluctantly agrees to help police in chase after foreign gang of robbers. more...

Taxi  1998

The Gumball Rally

1976, United States

Wealthy businessman bored with his current life finds a new thrill - he plans to organize unofficial coast-to-coast race from New York to California. With police on their tails they set out for race with only one rule - be the fastest. more...

The Gumball Rally  1976

The Blues Brothers

1980, United States

Two blues musicians try to raise $5,000 to save a Catholic orphanage from closure with local police on their tales. more...

The Blues Brothers  1980

Mad Max

1979, Australia

Policeman Max from special chase unit faces the roadgangs that terrorize the area. more...

Mad Max  1979



Enzo Ferrari

2003, Italy

Enzo Ferrari, founder of legendary car company, is visited by a young man, who wants to make an interview. Ferrari returns to his childhood and most important moments of his life. more...

Ferrari Enzo Ferrari 2003

Death Race

2008, United States

Jensen Ames is arrested for crime he did not commit. His only chance to be free again is to take part in a race organized by the owners of the prison. more...

Death Race  2008

Smokey and the Bandit 3

1983, United States

Sheriff Buford T. Justice is about to retire and he accepts the challange from Big Enos to tranport stuffed shark from Florida to Texas. This time the Bandit has to stop him. more...

Smokey and the Bandit 3  1983

Back to the Future

1985, United States

Teenager Marty McFly travels back in time with a help of eccentric scientist Doc Brown to the moment, in which his parents first met. What he does in the past can change the present reality. more...

Back to the Future  1985



Pik lik foh

1995, Hong Kong

Honest mechanic Foh accidentally gets involved in the police chase after dangerous criminal. They will have to settle their scores on the racing track. more...

Thunderbolt Pik lik foh 1995


2001, United States

Young talented driver Jimmy Bly is ahving problems withstanding the pressure. Team owner, in order to keep Bly in race for championship, brings back veteran Joe Tanto to help him develop Bly’s talent. more...

Driven  2001

Smokey and the Bandit 2

1980, United States

Bandit is hired again to transport a crate from Miami to Dallas, but it turns out the crate is actually... an elephant. more...

Smokey and the Bandit 2  1980

Carry on Cabby

1963, United Kingdom

Neglected wife of taxi company plans to get revenge on her husband by starting her own company. more...

Carry on Cabby  1963

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